Genetic variability of omentin-1 gene in apparently healthy population

  • shazia nazar askari dow medical university
  • Ambreen Qamar DIKIOHS, dow university of health sciences
  • Shayan Zufishan Khan karachi medical and dental college
  • sara atif
Keywords: Adipose tissue, Genotype, Omentin-1, Polymorphism


Objectives: Omentin-1 is a recently identified adipokine, highly expressed in visceral omental tissue with anti-inflammatory, antiatherogenic, and antidiabetic properties. Several studies have been reported the association of Omentin-1 gene +326 A/T variant with different diseases such as type 2 diabetes, coronary artery disease, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and breast cancer. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of omentin-1 +326 A/T gene variant in the apparently healthy Pakistani population and correlation of this clinically important gene variant with different studied parameters. This study also compares the findings with the data from other selected global populations.

Material & Methods: This analytical study was conducted from January 2016 to August 2016 at two tertiary care teaching hospitals of Karachi. The study group consisted of 110 apparently healthy individuals included doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and patient’s attendants, after informed consent. Omentin-1 gene polymorphism was determined by PCR-RFLP method.

 Results: In this study, the wild type genotype AA was observed 53.6%, mutant genotype TT was found 6.4% while mutant genotypes AT was found 40.0% in the study group. However, the frequency of AT mutant genotype was found in  75% males. The positive correlation between AT genotype and triglycerides levels, waist circumference and family history of heart disease  

Conclusion: The prevalence of AT genotype in 75% of apparently healthy males is a significant finding of the current study. This data may help in the evaluation of population-based risk factors for a number of diseases associated with Omentin-1 gene +326 A/T variant.

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