Molecular Diagnostics: A paradigm shift!

  • Asma Shabbir JSMU
  • Syed Mehmood Hassan
Keywords: Molecular diagnostics, personalized medicine, markers



  Molecular diagnostics is a set of tool which collectively investigates the genomic and proteomic markers of various diseases. It emphasizes diagnosis of disease at cellular level rather than previous conventional methods. These advance techniques have provided tremendous research opportunity as well to understand pathogenesis of several diseases. These spectacular techniques have also empowered early diagnosis of the illness & hence improved the prognosis of the patient. It has even opened a new door to think in future for personalized medicine by identifying diagnostic molecular targets & treatment of the diseases.    

 Worldwide, study of molecular technologies is being provided as part of the medical curriculum.  Although the knowledge of molecular techniques is already being comprised in post-graduate studies in our region, there is a dire need of a paradigm shift in a way to include molecular diagnostic study as a part of curriculum for undergraduate students as well.


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